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Quizzes from February 2015

Feb 1What acronym would you use to describe a person who cares about others?
Feb 2What emoticon is used to represent the Swedish Chef muppet?
Feb 3What gaming acronym is often used to describe a character's health amount?
Feb 4What is another way to say home run?
Feb 5What acronym is often used in schedules and forms when information is unavailable?
Feb 6If someone texts you "DGT," what should you probably do?
Feb 7Who would most likely have an appointment with an OBGYN professional?
Feb 8MMR is used by what online strategy card game?
Feb 9Which acronym is a compliment that you may receive from your boss?
Feb 10If you begin to squint a lot, what might you need?
Feb 11What acronym is used to warn another person that parents are watching?
Feb 12What emoticon best represents a baseball umpire?
Feb 13Which acronym would you most likely use when your memory fails you?
Feb 14What will most people be sending to loved ones today?
Feb 15What emoticon represents a person who most likely had a bad Valentine's Day?
Feb 16What term stands for a person's Twitter username?
Feb 17What term is used to describe a long, cold winter?
Feb 18What acronym refers to the area that cares for ill or premature newborn infants?
Feb 19What sport is the "mulligan" term most often used?
Feb 20What term describes the sick feeling you get from eating too many gummies?
Feb 21If your friend needs to take her "meds," she has what type of problem?
Feb 22Which of these long acronyms can be used to say "That nothing is for free"?
Feb 23What acronym stands for a saying popularized by the Zero Wing game?
Feb 24What emoticon represents Groucho Marx, the famous comedian and film star?
Feb 25What acronym stands for the NFL championship game that is played in February?
Feb 26What acronym stands for the original manufacturer of equipment pieces?
Feb 27What emoticon represents a person who makes frequent trips to the orthodontist?
Feb 28What acronym refers to a popular topic on Twitter?