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Quizzes from May 2015

May 1What gaming acronym means the opposite of "shooting from the hip"?
May 2"Uncle Charlie" is a slang term that refers to what kind of baseball pitch?
May 3What term refers to an adult who lives in his parents' basement?
May 4What phrase refers to a baseball player who is hitting after the "on deck" hitter?
May 5If your friend sends you the :-9 emoticon, what is she most likely saying?
May 6A DNR order for a patient indicates what to health care providers?
May 7What emoticon displays a sunshine emoticon in MSN Messenger 4.5 and later?
May 8What acronym refers to a machine that dispenses cash to bank account holders?
May 9What kind of baseball hit does not count towards the "XBH" statistic?
May 10When would you most likely see the "T4P" acronym?
May 11The =|:)> emoticon represents what famous U.S. President?
May 12What acronym refers to an ad that raises public awareness of a certain issue?
May 13What acronym represents the Three Musketeers' motto?
May 14The :?) emoticon best represents what occupation?
May 15What acronym is used to say that the user is inept, instead of the computer?
May 16"You know nothing, Jon Snow" is a popular phrase from what TV series?
May 17In baseball, a "four bagger" refers to what type of play?
May 18What term describes a boyfriend who is too obedient to his girlfriend?
May 19In baseball, a "grand slam" scores how many runs?
May 20"IPA" is an acronym for a style of what kind of beverage?
May 21The =8) emoticon illustrates what kind of farm animal?
May 22A "Benjamin" refers to how many American dollars?
May 23Which acronym is used to affectionately end a text or email?
May 24What abbreviation refers to the makers of World of Warcraft?
May 25Which acronym refers to a person who has never had a girlfriend?
May 26"Paint the corner" is a phrase used in what sport?
May 27The /O emoticon is used after what kind of occurrence?
May 28Which term refers to a young and inexperienced gamer?
May 29What emoticon best represents a person who is mad at a younger sibling?
May 30"Frozen rope" describes what kind of baseball hit?
May 31What administration regulates vaccines, food safety, and cosmetics in the U.S.?