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Quizzes from August 2015

Aug 1What term originated from Greek's financial crisis?
Aug 2What acronym represents the United States' national public health institute?
Aug 3Which emoticon represents a person who is waiting?
Aug 4The "gb" technical abbreviation represents how many bytes?
Aug 5When would you use the "SBTM" acronym?
Aug 6What type of food does the <%) emoticon represent?
Aug 7What term represents an awkward moment between two or more male friends?
Aug 8What term refers to when a person regrets posting something on Facebook?
Aug 9The "FWIW" is often used before doing what?
Aug 10Which emoticon can be used in Skype to indicate that your lips are sealed?
Aug 11What term indicates that a character or avatar has increased a level?
Aug 12Which "Real Housewives" show starred Joanna Krupa?
Aug 13What emoticon represents a person entering warp travel?
Aug 14If your friend is salty, what is she?
Aug 15The "cheddar" baseball term is used to describe what type of pitch?
Aug 16What item is essential for a "mocker" to own?
Aug 17What is the term for a person who pretends to be a character by dressing up?
Aug 18Which emoticon represents a person who is sick?
Aug 19"Micro" is a term commonly used in what game?
Aug 20Which emoticon represents a person who won't share a secret?
Aug 21Which term is used to describe something of poor quality?
Aug 22What term represents a person's sense of style?
Aug 23Which acronym stands for a copyright that represents a product or company?
Aug 24What baseball term is named after a Hall of Fame pitcher?
Aug 25The {>O emoticon represents what type of situation?
Aug 26What health acronym refers to how sensitive a person's body is to insulin?
Aug 27Which acronym refers to a user's ratio of Twitter followers to friends?
Aug 28The 8)~~* emoticon represents what type of animal?
Aug 29What term is associated with e-cigarettes?
Aug 30What term can be used to express excitement?
Aug 31Which emoticon represents a forklift used in warehouses?