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Quizzes from December 2015

Dec 1Which emoticon best represents a couple who just got married?
Dec 2If your 35 year old friend loves Disney movies, what might he be?
Dec 3Which acronym would you use to accuse someone of lying?
Dec 4Which emoticon represents a group of carolers?
Dec 5What word is a British slang term for Christmas?
Dec 6What acronym is used to acknowledge when two people have the same idea?
Dec 7What term describes a sports fan devoted to his hometown team?
Dec 8Which emoticon represents a band-aid used to help heal cuts?
Dec 9What is the "mook" term used to describe?
Dec 10What term describes a match style where a player must win 3 out of 5 games?
Dec 11Which emoticon represents the famous street artist, "Banksy"?
Dec 12Which emoticon represents a person who journeys to outer space?
Dec 13Which acronym is paired with an image or video to express a person's reaction?
Dec 14Which term is the extreme version of "facepalm"?
Dec 15Which emoticon represents Jolly Old Saint Nicholas?
Dec 16What acronym is used to indicate that a book is no longer being printed?
Dec 17What gaming term describes when a player kills all enemy players by himself?
Dec 18Which acronym will most likely be used today due to the release of Star Wars?
Dec 19Which health acronym refers to the disease that leads to a heart attack?
Dec 20Which acronym stands for an official agreement between two companies?
Dec 21Which acronym represents the film that set U.S. box office records this past weekend?
Dec 22Which emoticon represents the reindeer that guides Santa's sleigh?
Dec 23Which acronym represents the coffee shop with the all-red holiday cup?
Dec 24Santa brings what item on Christmas Eve?
Dec 25What term describes a picture taken by a person of himself and his family?
Dec 26What acronym is used to thank a person for sharing helpful information?
Dec 27Which term describes a couple who treats their pet like a child?
Dec 28What is the term for when you think you feel your phone vibrate but it doesn't?
Dec 29The "oh snap" term would most likely be used in what situation?
Dec 30If a person asks for the "skinny" on your friend, what is she asking for?
Dec 31The "WC" acronym refers to the worldwide tournament for what sport?