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Quizzes from April 2016

Apr 1What term is used to describe a person who lives in a small town his whole life?
Apr 2Which term can be used to compliment a woman on her looks?
Apr 3What occupation is also often referred to as a "talking head"?
Apr 4What term refers to a person who believes Obama is not a US citizen?
Apr 5Which of the following slang terms refers to money?
Apr 6In what inning of a baseball game does a "closer" commonly pitch?
Apr 7The "LLAP" acronym comes from what science fiction series?
Apr 8If your friend calls you a "bootsie," what is he saying?
Apr 9Which term refers to a get-together with someone you met on Twitter?
Apr 10What acronym is similar to saying "hallelujah"?
Apr 11The "KMSO" acronym is used to express what emotion?
Apr 12What symbol precedes a Twitter "handle"?
Apr 13How many outs does a "double play" record in baseball?
Apr 14Which term means "to leave" and was popularized by Autobot Transformers?
Apr 15In baseball, "E7" indicates that an error was made by what position?
Apr 16Which slang term is associated with HBO's Game of Thrones?
Apr 17What term was made popular by a viral video created by The Mystery Hour?
Apr 18What kind of fear does "Nomophobia" refer to?
Apr 19What term describes the regret felt for not saying something to a person?
Apr 20Today's date is also a term for what type of drug?
Apr 21Which term is used to describe a type of facial hair?
Apr 22Which acronym stands for the large televised poker tournament circuit?
Apr 23Which term describes when the person you like thinks of you as a brother?
Apr 24What sport uses the "and one" phrase?
Apr 25Which sports phrase refers to when a player makes his defender stumble?
Apr 26What does "Snoozefeed" mean?
Apr 27Which acronym refers to "real life" instead of the "virtual world"?
Apr 28In what situation would you most likely be told to "chill"?
Apr 29Which of the following is a Minecraft term?
Apr 30Which acronym refers to the game where players hijack cars and complete missions?