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Quizzes from February 2017

Feb 1Which celebrity was criticized for "whitesplaining" to Rep. John Lewis?
Feb 2If you have a lot of "sauce", what are you considered to be?
Feb 3Which two teams are playing in the "SB" on Sunday?
Feb 4Which acronym can you use to wish someone a late "happy birthday"?
Feb 5The Lombardi Trophy is awarded to the champion of what sports league?
Feb 6Which term do older people use to mock young people who are easily offended?
Feb 7Which rap artist popularized "fo shizzle"?
Feb 8Which acronym is used on Wednesdays to share about likable or attractive females?
Feb 9Which term refers to a young person who is emotionally vulnerable?
Feb 10In baseball, what part of the field does the "hill" term refer to?
Feb 11What kind of service is an example of a "CMS"?
Feb 12Which term is used to describe someone as kind of attractive?
Feb 13What does "clutch" mean in sports?
Feb 14Which acronym is most fitting for today?
Feb 15G.Soul is a popular artist in what music genre?
Feb 16Which of the following is a term for a path in League of Legends?
Feb 17In what sport is the "fat shot" term used?
Feb 18In what situation would the "TLDR" acronym be used?
Feb 19Where would you most likely see the "OOO" acronym?
Feb 20Which term refers to flashy jewelry?
Feb 21Which acronym can be used to compliment a female?
Feb 22Which acronym is used to refer to the "mainstream media"?
Feb 23Which acronym is commonly used in forums to tell users that the post is off topic?
Feb 24Which acronym refers to when two people are figuring out their relationship status?
Feb 25Which acronym refers to the gaming released on August 23, 1991?
Feb 26On what TV show did the "cash me outside" phrase become popular?
Feb 27Which acronym is used to share a relatable experience on social media?
Feb 28Which acronym is a sarcastic way to tell a person you are not interested in his story?