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Quizzes from March 2017

Mar 1Which of the following terms is another way to say "lame"?
Mar 2Which acronym is another way to say "private message" on Twitter?
Mar 3When would you use the "SOL" acronym?
Mar 4What is a "DVR" used to do?
Mar 5If a person is considered the best in his field, what might he be called?
Mar 6Which acronym refers to the real world?
Mar 7Which term can be used to say "same"?
Mar 8What is a "ghetto blaster"?
Mar 9"SNF" is a broadcast of what sport?
Mar 10Which acronym refers to strategies websites use to improve their search ranking?
Mar 11Which acronym is used to joking ask if someone is annoyed by you?
Mar 12Which acronym was created by Elayne Boosler to criticize Donald Trump?
Mar 13Which term refers to the announcement of the wrong winner of a contest?
Mar 14Which term refers to the predicting of the NCAA basketball tournament winner?
Mar 15Which gaming term refers to when a player is aggravated?
Mar 16Which acronym is often used to express frustration or anxiety?
Mar 17Which term describes a handshake that lasts too long?
Mar 18Someone who does not want to use a public restroom can be described as what?
Mar 19Which phrase was made popular by Andrew Meyer?
Mar 20What does the "lag" term describe?
Mar 21Which term refers to overly dramatic TV shows that air during the daytime?
Mar 22When would the "LOI" acronym be used?
Mar 23The "Juslim" term first went viral on which site?
Mar 24Which acronym informs a person that the email you sent does not need a reply?
Mar 25Which acronym is used to tell a person not to believe in a rumor?
Mar 26Which acronym stands for a reality show about housewives?
Mar 27Which term refers to when a person sends a sensitive text to the wrong recipient?
Mar 28Which acronym is used to ask a person where he comes from?
Mar 29Which term describes a person who is acting irrational and struggles to relax?
Mar 30What is the "fleek" term commonly used to describe?
Mar 31Which term refers to complaints from a politically left-leaning person?