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Quizzes from June 2017

Jun 1If you say you are "jelly", what are you saying?
Jun 2Which acronym is used to refocus a forum conversation on the original topic?
Jun 3Which abbreviation refers to a popular newspaper publication?
Jun 4Which phrase refers to going outside and getting a tan?
Jun 5If you are "AATK", where do you spend most of your time?
Jun 6What type of occupation does the /:-) represent?
Jun 7An injured professional athlete unable to play is placed on what list?
Jun 8Which former athlete famously said "Stay in your lane" to a female reporter?
Jun 9Which abbreviation refers to a popular video-sharing website created in 2005?
Jun 10Which emoticon represents a person who is feisty?
Jun 11Which term became popular on Twitter because of a misspelled Trump tweet?
Jun 12Which acronym is a coarse way of saying that something is not true?
Jun 13If you are skeptical of someone, which emoticon would you use?
Jun 14Which term refers to leading a person on in a romantic way?
Jun 15If you receive an "HB2U" text, what kind of day is it?
Jun 16Which occupation does the O-) emoticon represent?
Jun 17Dashie is a character in what show?
Jun 18Which abbreviation indicates the uncertainty of the spelling of a word?
Jun 19Which acronym is used to describe a close friendship with a guy?
Jun 20Which acronym is used to tell someone to not respond to offensive comments?
Jun 21Which term is another way to say "cool"?
Jun 22When would you use the "TARFU" acronym?
Jun 23The "pmsl" abbreviation is another way to say what?
Jun 24In sports, what leads to "garbage time"?
Jun 25Which acronym is used to tell someone to not interfere in your business?
Jun 26Which of the following is a term for a very low golf shot?
Jun 27What does the :-)(-: emoticon represent?
Jun 28What acronym can be used to say that you think something is funny?
Jun 29Where would you most likely see the BCC acronym?
Jun 30The "TBY" acronym is used to warn the recipient about what?