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Quizzes from October 2017

Oct 1Which term refers to motivation to become healthier?
Oct 2Which term refers to an awesome female?
Oct 3Which acronym refers to four fighting turtles?
Oct 4Which acronym can be used to tell a person to wait a little bit until you return?
Oct 5Which term refers to an overbearing Twitter user?
Oct 6Which acronym is used in emails to quickly say that you greatly care about someone?
Oct 7If you receive the "F2T" acronym from your friend, what is he telling you?
Oct 8Which emoticon represents a sheriff?
Oct 9Which U.S. President does "45" refer to?
Oct 10Which acronym is used to say that you laughed just a little bit?
Oct 11Which emoticon conveys that you are concentrating?
Oct 12Which acronym refers to a method used to plan events or projects?
Oct 13"Backdoor slider" is used in what sport?
Oct 14Which term is associated with the "Never Gonna Give You Up" music video?
Oct 15Which acronym refers to a "smart card" or "chip card"?
Oct 16Which emoticon might be used by a person proposing marriage to someone?
Oct 17Which acronym refers to the rate of interest charged to a customer over a year?
Oct 18Which acronym is used when you want someone to send you a response?
Oct 19Which emoticon represents the wizard Harry Potter?
Oct 20When is the "GL" acronym typically used?
Oct 21Which acronym would you use if you are a fan of Chuck Norris?
Oct 22Which emoticon represents candy you might get when trick-or-treating on Halloween?
Oct 23Which distinct feature separates "Jesus jeans" from other jeans?
Oct 24Which acronym would be used to say that you are "just joking"?
Oct 25Which term describes a person who does not seek attention?
Oct 26Which emoticon represents a person that might try to cast a spell on you?
Oct 27If you are trying too hard to get someone to like you, what might you be called?
Oct 28What does a person want to do if he texts you "DTC?
Oct 29Which acronym is used on Instagram to get someone to like your post?
Oct 30Which emoticon represents a zombie that has come back to life?
Oct 31Which emoticon is most appropriate for a frightening Halloween night?