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Quizzes from April 2018

Apr 1Which prank features the "Never Gonna Give You Up" music video?
Apr 2Which acronym is another way to say "I'm glad I'm not in your position"?
Apr 3Which emoticon represents the Empire's giant space station in Star Wars?
Apr 4Which baseball term refers to home plate?
Apr 5Which acronym refers to the day where people share about their guy crushes?
Apr 6Which acronym is commonly used by web analytics professionals?
Apr 7Which term is used to send someone hugs and kisses?
Apr 8Which acronym may be used to intimidate someone into going to an event?
Apr 9Which emoticon depicts a mosquito?
Apr 10What is the "AYPL" acronym used to ask?
Apr 11Which term came from the TV show "Game of Thrones"?
Apr 12Which acronym refers to doing something just for the sake of having fun?
Apr 13Which acronym may be used to ask what a person has been doing lately?
Apr 14Which term refers to a fabricated controversy?
Apr 15Which acronym is used to tell someone that he should make the decision?
Apr 16Which acronym refers to the mother of your spouse?
Apr 17Which term is another way to refer to badly beating a person in a competition?
Apr 18Which emoticon depicts an "emo" person?
Apr 19Which of the following terms refers to a type of mob in Minecraft?
Apr 20Which acronym refers to when you are afraid of missing something fun or important?
Apr 21Which phrase refers to when a player makes a defender stumble in basketball?
Apr 22Which acronym refers to when a person does something he has not done in a while?
Apr 23Which acronym refers to the wife of the President of the United States?
Apr 24Which acronym may be used to tell someone to stop whining?
Apr 25Which emoticon best depicts Tony Hawk?
Apr 26Which phrase is used as another way to say "stay true to yourself"?
Apr 27Which person could be described as having "zero chill"?
Apr 28Which kaomoji is commonly used to show frustration?
Apr 29Which acronym is used as a way to request permission to state your opinion?
Apr 30A "Sham bomb" is a breaking news report about which professional league?