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Quizzes from July 2018

Jul 1Which acronym is often used by teens to tell friends that their parents are working?
Jul 2Which term refers to a gaming cheat used to enable easier kills and headshots?
Jul 3Which abbreviation refers to a person who has served in the U.S. armed forces?
Jul 4Which emoticon represents "Uncle Sam" the personification of the U.S. government?
Jul 5When would you use the "Headdesk" term?
Jul 6Which term is another way to say "obsessed"?
Jul 7Which acronym may be used at the end of a conversation to say you have to go?
Jul 8Which acronym is reserved for the friend with which you will always be best friends?
Jul 9Which term is used to compliment the body of a person but not his face?
Jul 10Which emoticon indicates that you might be up to some mischievous behavior?
Jul 11Which acronym describes a post in a forum that is not on the current subject?
Jul 12The "AYDY" acronym is used to ask what?
Jul 13When is the "OOTB" acronym typically used?
Jul 14What is the O.o emoticon supposed to indicate?
Jul 15Which term is meant to communicate that you are incredibly hungry?
Jul 16If you are trying to listen in on someone else's conversation, what are you doing?
Jul 17Which term refers to a very low golf shot?
Jul 18The "kptondl" abbreviation is used to communicate what?
Jul 19Which emoticon depicts a person shouting?
Jul 20Which term refers to an athlete?
Jul 21Which abbreviation may be used by parents to talk about picking up their kids?
Jul 22When is the "PTL" acronym typically used?
Jul 23Which emoticon depicts batting eyelashes?
Jul 24Which term refers to when someone quickly leaves?
Jul 25The "amped" term is used to describe what type of person?
Jul 26The "fbo" abbreviation is related to which social site?
Jul 27Which term is another way to say "hallucinating"?
Jul 28Which emoticon refers to someone who is mischievous?
Jul 29Which term refers to a person's jumping ability?
Jul 30Which acronym refers to a daily workout?
Jul 31Which phrase is a gaming term that is used to say "good luck"?