Fiver Party

What does fiver party mean?

A birthday party for a child where guests give $5

A fiver party is a birthday party where guests are encouraged to give $5 instead of buying an expensive gift. The party was created in order to save guests money and then pool together the $5 donations to buy one big gift.

Fiver parties were invented to cut down on the waste of money and toys that a kid plays with for a few months then gives away. These parties are typically held for kids that receive a large amount of presents but they may also be held for adults in lieu of a bunch of presents and cards.


"I think fiver parties are a great idea.
Yeah, even when I tell people not to bring gifts they still do.
At least you can use the money to get something really cool for Ben."
Kids at a fiver party

Kids at a fiver party

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Last Updated: July 31, 2017

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