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Web Forums Slang

Web forums, bulletin boards, online discussions, or whatever else you want to call them — are a common place to use slang. Knowing common acronyms and abbreviations used in online forums can help you understand other postings and avoid miscommunication. The following table contains a list of slang terms commonly used in web forums.

Slang Term Meaning Popularity
TBDTo be determined
BTWBy the way
HTHHope this helps
IACIn any case
ICI see
ICYMIIn case you missed it
LANLocal Area Network
IDKI don't know
IIRCIf I remember correctly
IMOIn my opinion
IRTIn regards to
OMGOh my gosh
OTOff topic
TYThank you
YWYou're welcome
TrollA person who posts offensive comments
PCPersonal computer
YWAYou're welcome anyway
TrollingPosting offensive comments
BCBGBon Chic Bon Genre
BIONBelieve it or not
You win the InternetYou are awesome
N64Nintendo 64
PMPrivate message
PCPolitically correct
GOATGreatest of all time
QQQuick question
PMJIPardon my jumping in
DerailTo take a discussion off topic
VODVideo on demand
UXUser Interface
PS3PlayStation 3
PSPPlayStation Portable
VRVirtual reality
bumpForum post message bump
FTRFor the record
SERPSearch engine results page
AFAICAs far as I'm concerned
NDSNintendo DS
SNESSuper Nintendo Entertainment System
RMAReturn Merchandise Authorization
IMHOIn my humble opinion
SEOSearch engine optimization
MBPMacBook Pro
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
IOWIn other words
CGComputer Graphics
PEBKACProblem exists between keyboard and chair
TBETo be edited
OBOOr best offer
OTOHOn the other hand
SCOTUSSupreme Court of the United States
TBHTo be honest
SATScholastic Aptitude Test
n00bA new or inexperienced user
NESNintendo Entertainment System
IGII get it
PS2PlayStation 2
WRTWith regard to
LARPLive action role-playing
IDUI don't understand
OOMFOne of my followers
MSRPManufacturer's suggested retail price
PRPublic relations
POTUSPresident of the United States
TCGTrading card game
TILToday I learned
WDYTWhat do you think
WADRWith all due respect
IAPIn-app purchase
TBFTo be fair
MTFMore to follow
JFGIJust flippin' Google it
Put on blastTo call out
BOTBack on topic
TLDRToo long, didn't read
TPTBThe powers that be
IAI agree
OTOther topic
QFEQuestion for everyone
POVPoint of view
RFCRequest for comment
sysopSystem operator (chat monitor)
EOTEnd of thread
IMSOIn my sovereign opinion