1. What does SSA stand for in emails?

Subject says all

In emails, SSA stands for "subject says all." An email's body may contain just SSA when the sender fit their message into the email's subject line.

For example, an email whose subject reads "Call me ASAP: 867-5309" may contain only SSA in its body, as the email's subject is a complete message. SSA is similar to the acronyms SIM and SSIA, which are also used to indicate that an email's subject line contains its only relevant content.


"Subject: Harold didn't invite us to lunch again

A person who encourages sending SSA emails

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Last Updated: February 5, 2021

2. What does SSA stand for?

Same-sex attraction

When discussing people's sexual orientation, SSA stands for "same-sex attraction." This acronym is mainly used by Christians who are attracted to people of the same sex but do not consider themselves to be gay or bisexual.

Because some Christian communities do not accept homosexuality or bisexuality, some Christians feel intense pressure to not identify as being gay or bisexual. These Christians may say they experience SSA, rather than identifying as gay or bisexual. Extremist or fundamentalist Christian groups may try to curb their members' SSA.

Some people who experience SSA genuinely believe they are not gay or bisexual. For these people, SSA is the most authentic way to describe their feelings.


"SSA, gay, whatever. The labels you put on yourself don't matter. What's important is that you work to be comfortable with who you are."

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Last Updated: January 27, 2021

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