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Windows 8 Messaging Emoticon Shortcuts

Windows 8 Messaging is a new instant messaging application included with Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows RT. It takes the place of Windows Live Messenger, included with previous versions of Windows. Windows 8 Messaging supports a large number of emoticons, which can be entered using the shortcuts below.

Use the following ASCII codes to insert smileys and other small images into Windows 8 Messaging.

Shortcut Smiley Meaning
(ap)Airplane SmileyAirplane
:8)Alien SmileyAlien
(a)Angel SmileyAngel
:[email protected]Angry SmileyAngry
:@Angry SmileyAngry
(au)Auto SmileyAuto
8o|Baring Teeth SmileyBaring Teeth
(brb)Be Right Back SmileyBe Right Back
(b)Beer Mug SmileyBeer Mug
(^)Birthday Cake SmileyBirthday Cake
(bah)Black Sheep SmileyBlack Sheep
(||)Bowl SmileyBowl
(z)Boy SmileyBoy
(U)Broken Heart SmileyBroken Heart
(bus)Bus SmileyBus
(p)Camera SmileyCamera
(@)Cat Face SmileyCat Face
(o)Clock SmileyClock
(C)Coffee Cup SmileyCoffee Cup
(co)Computer SmileyComputer
:^)Confounded SmileyConfounded
:-SConfused SmileyConfused
:sConfused SmileyConfused
:'(Crying SmileyCrying
:[Devil SmileyDevil
:-[Devil SmileyDevil
:-|Disappointed SmileyDisappointed
:|Disappointed SmileyDisappointed
(&)Dog Face SmileyDog Face
(E)E-mail SmileyE-mail
:-$Embarrassed SmileyEmbarrassed
:$Embarrassed SmileyEmbarrassed
(v)Envious SmileyEnvious
8-)Eye-Rolling SmileyEye-Rolling
(~)Filmstrip SmileyFilmstrip
(yn)Fingers Crossed SmileyFingers Crossed
(ff)Flirty Female SmileyFlirty Female
(fm)Flirty Male SmileyFlirty Male
:'|Freezing SmileyFreezing
(boo)Ghost SmileyGhost
(g)Gift with a Bow SmileyGift with a Bow
(x)Girl SmileyGirl
(nnh)Goat SmileyGoat
<3Heart SmileyHeart
(h5)High Five SmileyHigh Five
(h)Hot SmileyHot
:]In Love SmileyIn Love
:-]In Love SmileyIn Love
(wm)Innocent SmileyInnocent
(ip)Island with a Palm Tree SmileyIsland with a Palm Tree
(jk)Joking SmileyJoking
(xo)Kiss SmileyKiss
(lol)Laughing Out Loud SmileyLaughing Out Loud
({)Left Hug SmileyLeft Hug
(i)Light Bulb SmileyLight Bulb
(li)Lightning SmileyLightning
:-#Lips are Sealed SmileyLips are Sealed
(d)Martini Glass SmileyMartini Glass
(mp)Mobile Phone SmileyMobile Phone
(mo)Money SmileyMoney
(m)MSN Messenger SmileyMSN Messenger
8-|Nerd SmileyNerd
(j)Ninja SmileyNinja
:-DOpen-Mouthed Smile SmileyOpen-Mouthed Smile
:dOpen-Mouthed Smile SmileyOpen-Mouthed Smile
:>Open-Mouthed Smile SmileyOpen-Mouthed Smile
<o)Party SmileyParty
*p*Peace SmileyPeace
*-)Pensive SmileyPensive
(pi)Pizza SmileyPizza
(pl)Plate SmileyPlate
(pu)Point Up SmileyPoint Up
:-\Pouting SmileyPouting
:}Princess SmileyPrincess
*|Punch SmileyPunch
*\Punk SmileyPunk
('.')Rabbit SmileyRabbit
(R)Rainbow SmileyRainbow
(l)Red Heart SmileyRed Heart
(k)Red Lips SmileyRed Lips
(f)Red Rose SmileyRed Rose
(})Right Hug SmileyRight Hug
(rotfl)Rolling on the Floor Laughing SmileyRolling on the Floor Laughing
:-(Sad SmileySad
:(Sad SmileySad
^o)Sarcastic SmileySarcastic
*s*School SmileySchool
:-*Secret Telling SmileySecret Telling
+o(Sick SmileySick
(s)Sleeping Half-Moon SmileySleeping Half-Moon
|-)Sleepy SmileySleepy
:-)Smile SmileySmile
:)Smile SmileySmile
(sn)Snail SmileySnail
(so)Soccer Ball SmileySoccer Ball
(*)Star SmileyStar
;@Steaming Mad SmileySteaming Mad
:-PSticking Tongue Out SmileySticking Tongue Out
:PSticking Tongue Out SmileySticking Tongue Out
(st)Stormy Cloud SmileyStormy Cloud
(#)Sunshine SmileySunshine
:oSurprised SmileySurprised
:-OSurprised SmileySurprised
(t)Telephone Receiver SmileyTelephone Receiver
(n)Thumbs Down SmileyThumbs Down
(y)Thumbs Up SmileyThumbs Up
(tu)Turtle SmileyTurtle
(um)Umbrella SmileyUmbrella
;-\Whatever SmileyWhatever
(w)Wilted Rose SmileyWilted Rose
;-)Winking SmileyWinking
;)Winking SmileyWinking
(wo)Work SmileyWork
(xx)Xbox SmileyXbox