1. What does ASL stand for?

Age, sex, location

ASL means age, sex, location. It is an acronym used to ask the message recipient to disclose his or her age, sex, and location.

Since the acronym is used in regards to possibly sensitive information, recipients should be cautious when replying as the information could be used for nefarious purposes. ASL may appear as a standalone question if typed by itself. It is also written "A/S/L."


"What's your ASL?"
"Uhhh, I'm not going to tell you."
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ASL means age, sex, location

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Last Updated: June 28, 2016

2. What does asl mean on TikTok and other social media?

As hell

On social media, asl often means "as hell." It is used to emphasize the severity of someone's actions or emotional state. For example, someone who is "mad asl" is very angry, and someone who is "happy asl" is very happy.

Where did asl originate?

The phrase "as hell" is used to make statements sound more emphatic. For example, someone may say they've been working "hard as hell" to suggest that they've been working very hard.

Social media users shortened the phrase "as hell" to asl, which sounds like "as hell" when read quickly. Asl is most prevalently used on TikTok and Twitter, but you may encounter it on other social media platforms.

Other variants of asl

ASL can also be used as an acronym that stands for either "age, sex, location" or "American Sign Language." In both these cases, ASL is typically capitalized. If someone asks "What is your ASL?" or "Do you know ASL?," they probably are not using asl to mean "as hell."


"This definition was tight asl."
You'd be mad asl, too

You'd be mad asl, too

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Last Updated: April 27, 2021

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