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Social Media Slang

Slang terms have become increasingly prevalent on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The list below includes common slang used in social media. You can also view a list of chat slang terms used specifically on Facebook or Twitter.

Slang Term Meaning Votes
LOLLaughing out loud
IRLIn real life
DMDirect message
TTYLTalk to you later
SMHShaking my head
IKRI know, right?
BTWBy the way
TYThank you
FFSFor f***'s sake
SwagSkills or style
YWYou're welcome
IMOIn my opinion
143I love you
FTWFor the win
FriendversaryFriendship anniversary
TLDRToo long, didn't read
SelfieA picture of yourself
TBHTo be honest
BussinReally good
HRUHow are you
FMLF*** my life
LANLocal Area Network
YOLOYou only live once
LOLOLLots of laugh out louds
LMIRLLet's meet in real life
Clout chaserA person who does things just to become popular
Dunk onMake fun of
HUMMHope you miss me
go brrrSolve a problem
HMUHit me up
Alphabet mafiaLGBTQIA+ people
NGLNot gonna lie
LMSLike my status
CMIIWCorrect me if I'm wrong
IMYI miss you
SimpA person who obsesses over someone that does not return the same affection
MIAMissing in action
FOMOFear of missing out
Vine6 second video
H&KHugs and kisses
OICOh, I see
IMUI miss you
POGPlay of the game
bsfBest friend
LLSLaughing like s***
TFTAThanks for the add
CCGCollectible card game
Straight fireVery cool
IDEKI don't even know
CatfishTo assume a false identity
BWBest wishes
OGOriginal gangster
CreeperA socially invasive person
AMAAsk me anything
KarenAn entitled woman
IMHOIn my humble opinion
BetYou bet
FRFRFor real for real
IWUI want you
HIFWHow I felt when
IHYI hate you
IMDIn my dreams
Thigh gapSpace between a person's thighs
lolzLaugh out louds
Keyboard warriorA person that posts controversial opinions online
SlacktivismLazy activism
TFWThat feeling when
TweetTwitter post
CSBCool story, bro
WhoaExpression of surprise
POTUSPresident of the United States
HipsterA person who dislikes mainstream culture
CrewGroup of friends
Chasing cloutDoing things just to become popular
JSYKJust so you know
LYLLove you lots
WEGWicked evil grin
SheeshExpression of disbelief
TMGThat's my girl
IOUI owe you
GrelfieGroup selfie
ICYMIIn case you missed it
HMLHate my life
ChillaxChill and relax
Lady bonerFemale feeling of sexual arousal
TBRTo be real
PlankingLying face down and straight like a plank
MCYTMinecraft YouTuber
TCGTrading card game
SDSweet dreams
2H2HToo hot to handle
LMFAOLaughing my freakin' a** off
NOYBNone of your business
TYVMThank you very much
WTGWay to go
AOTYAlbum of the year
Paper handsTo sell a stock at the first sign of trouble
BGFBest guy friend
IFSFYI feel sorry for you
IABIn a bit
HMBHit me back
PTLPraise the Lord
ADMAy dios mio
bbgBaby girl
Nae NaeHip-rocking, hand-raising dance move
ClapbackA clever comeback
Tune upBeat up
vlogVideo blog
TILToday I learned
TBRTo be rude
BestieBest Friend
MCMMan-crush Monday
PMKIPretty much killin' it
HNYHappy new year
2l8Too late
IIRCIf I remember correctly
FBFFlash Back Friday
TAYThinking about you
TCTake care
TRSThat really sucks
TwittersphereThe world of Twitter
KMABKiss my a**, b****
Hits differentAffects differently
YouTuberA YouTube user
BlursdayLiterally any day of the week, they're all the same now
The struggle is realHaving difficulty doing something
Fake newsFake news source that pretends to be real
GPOYGratuitous picture of yourself
BCOBig crush on
ATWAll the way
XOKiss and Hug
TwinsiesTwo people who share a common trait
SpoopySpooky and funny
IBFInternet best friend
BlingOverly flashy jewelry
Cancel cultureCanceling people who do anything controversial
TFFTwitter follower-friend
FOHF*** outta here
DemThronesGame of Thrones
NLTNo later than
SOSSomeone special
LYSMLove you so much
TikTokerA TikTok user
OOTDOutfit of the day
WDYTWhat do you think
D/CDon't care
TTYTalk to you
HimboA naive, musclebound male
PeriodtAn expression of emphasis
Caught in 4KCaught in the act
FBFollow back
MaldMad and bald
MMMusic Monday
FYPFor You page
RatioedReceiving many more replies than likes on your tweet
LPPLikes per post
OTPOne true pairing
WCWWoman-crush Wednesday
BIONBelieve it or not
IMAOIn my arrogant opinion
Bikini bridgeSpace between a bikini bottom and stomach
LSSLong story short
TQVMThank you very much
Slide into your DMsTo send a direct message on Twitter
MovemberMustache-growing November
E chokeAn expression of shock or surprise
LarperLive action role-player
Celine a sceneTo add a Celine Dion song to a video for maximum emotional impact
TBTThrowback Thursday
GIFGraphics Interchange Format
HandleTwitter username
Don't @ meDon't mention me in your tweets
Horny on mainActing lustful on your primary social account
VSCO girlsPreppy female teen Instagrammers
KITKeep in touch
TTYSTalk to you soon
Virtue signalingDemonstrating moral superiority
MoodHow I'm feeling
Big yikesWow
QuaranfifteenWeight gained during COVID-19 quarantine
RedditorA Reddit user
mishuMiss you
DoomerA person who focuses on negative possibilities
BloomerA well-adjusted 20-something
DUDarn you
CBBCan't be bothered
On fleekPerfect
POIDHPictures or it didn't happen
YYSSYeah yeah, sure sure
CEO ofThe best at
fboFacebook official
CancelShut down or force out
Put on blastTo call out
Hop offGo away
QuaranteamA small group that socializes in-person during COVID-19
ShelfiePicture of objects arranged on a shelf
Day oneA very close friend
DressgateControversy about the colors of a dress
FYEFor your entertainment
RIP my mentionsI'm going to receive a lot of Twitter notifications
SAHDStay-at-home dad
InstagrammerA person who uses Instagram
derpExpression of stupidity
TGFFThank God for Friday
MistweetTweet mistake
SelteringSticking out your rear in a fitness pose
DadicationFatherly dedication
RIP to your mentionsYou're going to receive a lot of Twitter notifications
WOATWorst of all time
ITMTIn the meantime
Meme stockA stock hyped on social media
F4FFollow for follow
TCOBTakin' care of business
TOHThe other half
Perc30Oxycodone, commonly mixed with fentanyl
BOLOBe on the lookout
WBUWhat 'bout you
WYWHWish you were here
RinstagramReal Instagram account
ChonkAn overweight animal
Outta pocketDisreputable
OTLOne true love
Fauci OuchieCOVID-19 vaccine
CottagecoreAn aesthetic centered around romanticized rural living
Clap backA clever comeback
FaceremorseRemorse after posting on Facebook
AHFYAlways here for you
And I oopI'm so embarassed
BMSBroke my scale
PFPProfile picture
Blow upTo become successful
AFAYCAs fast as you can
WADRWith all due respect
PRTPlease Retweet
TrumperA Donald Trump supporter
LTDLovers till death
NCNo Contact
Retweet offenderA person who constantly retweets on Twitter
LBLike back
Spill the teaShare the gossip
LRTLast retweet
CYFCheck your Facebook
WinternityEternal winter
SlacktivistLazy activist
OPOutta pocket
egirlAn extremely online teen girl
Live-tweetTo tweet about something currently taking place
GPOYWGratuitous picture of yourself Wednesday
BCBGBon Chic Bon Genre
TweetupTwitter meetup
VinerVine user
TBRTo be read
GloomerAn apathetic 20-something
OT3One true threesome
SimpingObsessing over a person that does not return the same affection
UnfriendTo remove a friend on Facebook
SnaccAn attractive person
Instagram husbandA person who takes pictures of another person for Instagram
OOMFOne of my followers
TSNFThat's so not fair
PBUHPeace be upon Him
ZaddyA composed, fashionable, and attractive man
GMAFBGive me a friggin' break
TTTrending topic
VoteflakeA person who does not accept official election results
FinstagramFake Instagram account
DBTSDon't believe that stuff
stimmyStimulus check
CapeTo defend someone's actions, often undeservedly
FacestalkingLooking through someone's pictures on Facebook
Swipe rightApprove
issaIt's a
It meI identify with that
Clout leechA person who is friends with someone just to become more popular
SharentAn oversharing parent on social media
TweetsultInsulting tweet
Facebook friendA friend on Facebook, but most likely not in real life
BHMBlack History Month
IdolA K-pop star
2U2To you too
AWOLAbsent while online
Go offAngrily complain
BDBig deal
CYLCatch ya later
Chub rubChafing where your thighs rub together
BlackfishingPretending to be ethnically Black
FCOLFor crying out loud
FTRFor the record
Clout demonA social media user who covets popularity
GFNGone for now
IAGIt's all good
Went offAngrily complained
IMEIn my experience
KIRKeepin' it real
KWIMKnow what I mean
NSFVNot safe for viewing
J-PowJerome Powell
SLYStill love you
WLWWomen loving women
Hard pantsAny non-stretchy pants
YVWYou're very welcome
MootsPeople you follow on social media who follow you back
TSIRThe struggle is real
ITYSI told you so
WTTWatching TikTok
Unforced errorAn easily-avoidable mistake
Likers get rateAnyone who likes this post will get a rate
Virtual restaurantDelivery-only restaurant
AMLAll my love
Ghost postA Facebook comment that was removed
finstaFake Instagram account
TwitterstormA quick rise of activity about a specific topic on Twitter
hbdHappy birthday
SubtweetSubliminal tweet
TendiesChicken tenders
Diamond handsTo hold a stock through losses
PTOPositive Talk Only
ZumpingDumping someone over Zoom
PSOGPure stroke of genius
QuarantiniA quarantine-times cocktail
MDLMight delete later
FHFuture husband
WCGWWhat could go wrong
ibfsInternet best friends
Insta-lurkingLooking through a person's Instagram pictures
Doom-scrollingScrolling through your newsfeed for the latest COVID-19 information
TikTok houseA house full of TikTok influencers
FOGOFear of going outside
VolcelVoluntary celibate
BIFLBuy it for life
SATSorry about that
RoachingSecretly dating many romantic partners at the same time
CAFOConcentrated Animal Feeding Operation
NPRNot page related
POTBPat on the back
LLPOFLiar liar pants on fire
IAI agree
SnapstreakSnapchat streak
GGGGotta get a grip
Diddy cropTo cut a person out of your life
TinderingUsing Tinder
YSKYou should know
U2UUp to you
Sip teaMind your business
OMEOh my Edward
HWUHey, what's up?
MomalaKamala Harris
OOTLOut of the loop
BifflesBest friends for life
S4SShare for share
AFAICSAs far as I can see
Ribcage braggingShowing off your rib cage
eboyAn extremely online teen boy
PharbzPhoebe Bridgers fans
That ain't itThat's no good
FOMOFFear of missing out on football
Comfort idolA celebrity whose actions soothe you
PPProfile picture
GMABGive me a break
BBFBody by Fisher
IBCIce bucket challenge
WokefishingPretending to have progressive political views
Who dey breetWho is breathing?
OTSOn the scene
IJWTSI just want to say
FelfieFamily picture
Slim thickFemale body shape with a flat stomach, toned thighs, and large booty
TSSToxic Shock Syndrome
WuzWhat is
DITGDown in the gutter
Wealthy selfiePicture of yourself with a large amount of wealth
HeadcanonA fan's unverified beliefs about a story
BFKBig fat kiss
POUSPresident of the United States
GoblincoreAn aesthetic centered around overlooked natural things
Collab houseA house full of social media influencers
SOTDShoe of the day
IMPOIn my personal opinion
AITAAm I the a**hole
BopAn excellent song or album
WSGWhat's good
HYFRHeck ya, freakin' right
LMLLaughing mad loud
TweeterA person who tweets
The gramInstagram
LatergramA picture posted on Instagram later than when it was taken
ACVAfter coronavirus
BangerAn awesome, energetic piece of media
TweepsTwitter peeps
HauntingFollowing a romantic partner on social media after abruptly leaving them
FinnaFixing to
OpaGreek exclamation
Cinnamon rollA kind, gentle person
SASexual assault
ErmahgerdOh my gosh
PoserA person who pretends to be someone they are not
FFFriends forever
ELOElectric Light Orchestra
Swipe leftReject
Rage bakingBaking to relieve anger or stress
Mannequin challengeChallenge that involves one or more people freezing in place
ProcrastibakingBaking to put off something else
TweepleTwitter people
At homeA worse version of something
BDEBig D*** Energy
YTAYou're the a**hole
LYLABLove you like a brother
LOLLots of love
LUMLove you, man
LYMILove you, mean it
NOMBRNone of my business, right
LALaughing a lot
OLTLOne Life to Live
MBFAMake baseball fun again
SnapchatterSnapchat user
TwitlerAn overbearing Twitter user
BFTDBest friends till death
IDWI don't want
BFFNBest friend for now
LEPLove emo people
ILMMI love my man
GGGBGood girl gone bad
CRTLACan't remember the three-letter acronym
altA lot
TIHIThanks, I hate it
Gram itPost it on Instagram
GPSGod's positioning system
AttwictedAddicted to Twitter
TweavesdroppingEavesdropping on Twitter
BYODBring your own device
DetweetTo delete a tweet
FFFollow Friday

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