1. What is gf short for?


Gf means girlfriend. It is an abbreviation that refers to a female romantic partner, although it can also be a platonic relationship.

The abbreviation is commonly used by teenagers but may also be used by adults too. The gf abbreviation became popular as the obsession with dating grew. The ritual consists of two people going on dates and hanging out with one another for large amounts of time (unless you are in elementary school, then you probably don't talk at all).

Also, the gf tag usually means that both parties involved have decided to be exclusive and not date anyone else until the relationship has ended. The next step after gf is fianceƩ then spouse. Gf may also be typed as "G/F."


"Are you hanging out with your gf tonight?"

The beginning of Cory and Topanga aka the sweetest love story ever

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Last Updated: August 2, 2021

2. What does Gf stand for?

Games finished

A baseball stat used to keep track of the number of games finished by a RP; does not apply to a SP as the CG stat is used to keep track of games finished by a starting pitcher.


"He has been heavily relied upon by the team as he has 25 GF."

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3. What does Gf stand for?


A common way to refer to foods that don't contain gluten or a "gluten-free diet."


"Can u bring some gf cookies to the party 2nite?"

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