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C Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Popularity
cyaSee ya
CTNCan't talk now
CYECheck your email
CCCarbon copy
CPRCardiopulmonary resuscitation
CDCCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
CYFCheck your Facebook
CinderellaUnderdog sports team
CTEChronic traumatic encephalopathy
CSSCascading Style Sheet
CTMChuckle to myself
CSTCentral Standard Time
CTCentral time zone
CGComputer Graphics
CEOChief executive officer
CreeperA socially invasive person
CDCompact disc
CleanupPlayer batting fourth in the lineup
CMSContent Management System
COBClose of business
Crying JordanA meme featuring a crying Michael Jordan
CUSee you
cellCell phone
CULSee you later
CheesyLame humor
CTCCall the cell
CMCall me
CCRCreedence Clearwater Revival
CrackerA white person
CMUCrack me up
CrackaA white person
ChiverMale who likes theCHIVE
Cowboy UpGet tough
Catch some raysTo go out in the sun
CFCluster f***
CowMinecraft mob
CRDCaucasian Rhythm Disorder
ChivetteFemale who likes theCHIVE
cmonCome on
ChillaxChill and relax
CSBCool story, bro
CarryMOBA player role
CrewGroup of friends
CCCredit card
ChrismukkahChristmas and Hanukkah
CreeperHostile mob
CCGCollectible card game
CTCCare to chat?
Conversational remorseRegret for not saying something in a conversation
CGLComplete game losses
Charity stripeFree throw line
Circus catchAcrobatic catch
Crows before hoesGuy friends are more important than romantic interests
Chip damageDamage inflicted on a blocking opponent
CellarLast place
CheeseGood fastball
Cellar dwellerTeam constantly in last place
CellfishInconsiderate of others while talking on the phone
CutterCut fastball
CosplayCostume play
CIOCry it out
CamperA player who doesn't move
Crash your squadJoin your group of friends
CasualGame that requires little skill
ChippingAttacking a blocking opponent
CrossedHigh and drunk
CheddarGood fastball
CosplayerPerson who wears a costume and plays a character
CloserA relief pitcher that finishes a baseball game
Cutting down the netsWon a basketball tournament
ClutchAbility to perform under pressure
CycleSingle, double, triple, and home run
CRPGComputer role-playing game
CougarAn older woman who dates younger men
CrunkCrazy and drunk
CraydarAbility to detect craziness
CFCenter field
CCUCritical care unit
Chin musicPitch that nearly hits the batter's head
CDCertificate of deposit
COPDChronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CHFCongestive heart failure
CPACertified Public Accountant