1. What does PO stand for?

By mouth

An acronym that comes from the Latin phrase "per os," which means "by mouth;" commonly seen in medical prescriptions when used by a doctor to indicate how a medication should be taken; often appears as "p.o."


"Is it ok if the meds are PO?"

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Last Updated: March 18, 2015

2. What is po short for?


A baseball abbreviation for putout that refers to the number of outs recorded by a defensive player; achieved by a fielder who tags out a runner, tags a base while in possession of a ball for a force out, catches a ball batted in the air, catching a third strike, and is closest to a runner called out for interference.


"Sano has been kept quite busy in the hot corner with 6 POs today."

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Last Updated: April 15, 2015

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