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I Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Popularity
IACIn any case
IMInstant message
IMOIn my opinion
IRSInternal Revenue Service
IQIntelligence quotient
IKRI know, right?
IIRCIf I remember correctly
IDKI don't know
IRTIn regards to
ICYMIIn case you missed it
ICI see
IEThat is
IRAIndividual Retirement Account
IMInstant Messenger
IPAIndia pale ale
ILYI love you
IRInjured reserve
IABIn a bit
IMYI miss you
IDUI don't understand
IGII get it
ITRIn the room
IAPIn-app purchase
ITInformation Technology
IRLIn real life
IOUI owe you
IPOInitial public offering
IOWIn other words
IDFWUI don't f*** with you
IMHOIn my humble opinion
ITYFI think you'll find
IRIn room
Inward nineLast nine holes of an 18-hole golf course
IDPIndividual defensive player
IIUCIf I understand correctly
InstadadA man who marries a person with kids
IMSI am sorry
IDFKI don't freaking know
ICOIn care of
IKWYMI know what you mean
IYOIn your opinion
IMSOIn my sovereign opinion
IDTI don't think
imaI'm going to
ICHII can't help it
IWUI want you
IOHI'm out of here
IADIt all depends
IRDKI really don't know
IHYI hate you
inb4In before
IOCInternational Olympic Committee
IDEKI don't even know
IMDIn my dreams
IAI agree
ITILYI think I like you
IPQInternet printable coupon
IBTLIn before the lock
IMPOIn my personal opinion
ILY2I love you too
ICWYMI see what you mean
iDeviceApple Hardware
IONOI don't know
IDRI don't remember
IshKind of
ICHCI Can Has Cheezburger?
ILAMYI love and miss you
IGNIn-game name
ISOIn search of
ICEIn case of emergency
ITSFWIIf the shoe fits, wear it
ILYKI'll let you know
Insta-lurkingLooking through a person's Instagram pictures
IDMBI'll do my best
ILUI love you
InstagrandpaA male who is terrible at using Instagram
IYQI like you
ISOIncentive stock option
IAMIn a minute
IVFIn Vitro Fertilization
ISOIs seeking other
ISTMIt seems to me
IWSNI want sex now
InternestA comfy spot to surf the Internet
ITFAIn the final analysis
IMVUInstant Messaging Virtual Universe
ITYSI told you so
ITRWIn the real world
IJWTKI just want to know