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T Slang Terms

Slang Term Meaning Popularity
TBCTo be continued
TCTake care
Tree huggerA person who cares about the environment
TIAThanks in advance
TLCTender love and care
TMIToo much information
TTFNTa-ta for now
TTYLTalk to you later
TYThank you
Throwing shadeDisrespecting
TwitchVideo game streaming website
Talking trashDisrespecting
TBDTo be determined
TFWThat feeling when
TweetTwitter post
TrollA person who posts offensive comments
TBATo be announced
TackyBad taste
TBHTo be honest
TwitterverseTwitter universe
TwinningSaying or doing something in coordination with another person
Take it easyCalm down
TeemoThe swift scout
TICTongue in cheek
TrollingPosting offensive comments
Turkey dayThanksgiving day
TTYSTalk to you soon
TCGTrading card game
TWIMCTo whom it may concern
TBCLTo be continued later
TYVMThank you very much
typoTypographical error
TWDTexting while driving
Trophy wifeAn attractive wife of an older man
TheybiesGender-neutral babies
TBRTo be rude
Take my energyGood luck
TBFTo be fair
TBETo be edited
TorchTo beat someone in competition
TwerkingShaking hips and rear in a bouncing motion
Talking headA person on TV who gives information or opinions
TILToday I learned
That moment whenRemember that time when
THOTThat hoe over there
TCBTaking care of business
TISNFThat is so not fair
TTLTime to leave
TBRTo be real
The struggle is realHaving difficulty doing something
TAFNThat's all for now
Terrible twosRebellious stage exhibited by two year olds
topTop lane
Third wheelA person who feels left out
Thigh gapSpace between a person's thighs
TwerkHip-gyrating dance move
TSNFThat's so not fair
TWISThat's what I said
TCOTaken care of
TCOBTakin' care of business
TFFToo freakin' funny
TGIFThank goodness it's Friday
TTTTToo tired to talk
TOHTyping one-handed
TBFUToo bad for you
TMTrouble maker
TMBText me back
TTTrending topic
TNTTill next time
TPMTweets per minute
T2MTalk to me
TLAThree letter acronym
T4PThanks for posting
TBTGThanks be to God
T4TThanks for trade
TFLMKThanks for letting me know
TFTAThanks for the add
T2ULTalk to you later
TwinkingLeveling up with assistance
TFFTwitter follower-friend
TweepsTwitter peeps
TWHSThat's what he said
TWSSThat's what she said